Exceptional Training & Coaching

Training for aspiring agents. Coaching and education for new agents. Growth and development opportunities for all agents. We share our secrets of success with you.

Aspiring Agents. To become a licensed real estate agent in the State of Washington, you must complete 90 hours of course work and pass a licensing exam. There are self-directed ways of completing this coursework. There are also live classes you can take if you prefer that method of learning. Our office hosts one such class on a regular basis and we boast a 100% exam pass rate among our alumni. The next class begins in May 2017. For more information on that course, click on Get Started and send me a message.

New Agents. Keller Williams University has developed an Agent Curriculum Path, through which all agents progress. As you gain experience and grow as an agent and a leader, additional training rises to meet and support you in achieving your goals. As a new agent, you will be matched with a coach who will help you set financial goals for your first year and develop a detailed plan for meeting them. Due in large part to our unique training and coaching program, four out of every five agents who start with Keller Williams are still working with us after their first year. That’s well above the industry average.

Growth and Development Opportunities. There are so many ways to design your business at Keller Williams—it’s truly an exciting career with unlimited potential! We have courses, online videos and mentorship opportunities for whatever you can dream up. Interested in investment properties? Great! Want to try your hand at flipping homes? Many agents do that! Do you think commercial real estate is a good fit? Go for it! Whatever your passion, we probably have a class or formal support system to help you achieve it.

Contact me through the Get Started page for more information on Keller Williams training and coaching opportunities.

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